(never) Let me go
23/11/16 - 15/01/17

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Solal Israel, series "(never) Let me go", 2015

Solal Israel approaches photography with a disconcerting blend of strictness, accuracy and inventive freedom. Several of his series of images, mostly created as part of his studies at the Le 75 art college, have taken shape over time, so that today they appear to cross over each other: an autobiographical account of a break-up, a moving record of the death of his grandmother and the transformation of some found photos into the ‘identity theft’ of an imaginary person who had moved away. He also shows us his approach to landscapes, at once playful and traditional, as befits this highly encoded genre, as well as his very serious approach to portraiture.

Characters re-appear, places are transformed, stories are re-read, images contradict or answer each other. There is constant coming-and-going and questioning, and Solal Israel’s manipulations never stick to what is real, and even less to what is true, nor to the taken-for-granted, inflexible words that attempt to encircle them. For it is photography itself that constantly accompanies him, and which he subjects to a ceaseless pummelling.

(Never) Let Me Go is a current attempt to bring together the different threads of these encounters, these experiences, these journeys, into a single weave. Overall it attempts to cast a more serene gaze at existence, though one still pierced by sadness and anguish, but which comes to sublimate the depth and poetry of the visible, in this young but already striking visual journey between freshness and maturity.

Emmanuel d'Autreppe

Translation: Chris Bourne

Solal Israel's work received a Mention from the jury of the “2015 Artists’ Propositions” contest
at Contretype.

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Solal Israel, "(never) Let me go"
Crisnée, Yellow Now Publisher, 2016
Words: Emmanuel d’Autreppe
Size: 21 x 16 cm
Soft cover, 206 pages
B/W and colors illustrations
ISBN: 97828734000
Price: 26 €

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